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🤐 Zipper-mouth Face Emoji

Noun Zipper mouth face Secret Bop 🀐 🀐 R3N4T0 Lip Zipped Mouth Sony House Zipper mouth you Serial murderers use it BIlala Alyssa omerta Something to do with secrets Thing U guitar Dwarakasree
Verb Be quiet Never tell Ctfgvgfvgfddgfxcgnghgujgyddsdg nbhj vcdz REBRFH Zipped My Lips are Sealed Hftyuru Making people quiet Zip it or be quiet will you shut the hell up 💜 Understand hear no evil, see no evil n speak no evi A zipper with its mouth closed H
Adjective Zipping Secretive HRWA Tight Gdk Helpful 🀐 Someone telling someone else to be quiet Pl shut stfu G . . . Si k .
Definition Nothing I'm not eating that Couldn't possibly say anything I'm coming for you Someone just told you there secret, and you would never betray their trust. my lips are sealed RWHRWH Lips are zipped tight. Got a secret, can you keep it? Nehdeul Cr Be quiet shut up or zip it I am tired of hearing about it have a guess omerta That...idk Zip the mouth H
Example of Use You must keep this just between us 😯, I like Gavin! RHHR My lips are zipped tight. Gotta lock it in your pocket, taking this 1 to the grave. If noisy, symbol of be quiet Will you zip it or be quiet I am tired of hearing about it will you shut up please . Y Secret