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yellow heart

💛 Yellow Heart Emoji

Noun Yellow Heart heart the friendship cloud Bestie BFF heart Heartbreak It is a Doge W person Demi, Demi's Difference friend
Verb Sick Heart
Adjective pained in love yellow trusted lovely Love yellow heart Sad Squishy Friendly anything Demi related
Definition Sick from love. In pain due to the ails of the heart Icon denotes frienship, happiness, trust. this is a heart Blood pumping organ #1 bestfriend bestfriendsforever xxx Stones heart was broken when Leilani dumped him You would rather be with your friends than with your love Love you Love Love for Demi You use this emoji if you're talking to a guy but you're just friends
Example of Use I'm in a yellow hearted place I trust you because you are my friend.. I heart you. heart is responsible for food supply to the whole body. I love you with all my heart. Gymnast This guy and I just met but we only have a platonic relationship Demi Lynn Smith lives in the heart of so many! πŸ’› Johnny you're suck a good friendπŸ’›