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writing hand

✍ Writing Hand Emoji

Noun Writing Dyslexic Nigger Digitally writing rap
Verb ink pad To write Slip sip nip drip DUMB RAPE cause your sexy Rhyme bar with exemplar
Adjective im busy Sharp I tied up a dyslexic Nigger I can
Definition ghujiklop;' A person writing with a pen I found a hot Dyslexic Nigger Girl and we had sex I orgasmed lots Be at your best when you enter the test
Example of Use dfghjkl; A person writes with a pen. Dyslexic Nigger porn Here's my BEST rap (I walked into the strip club and said Hey Girl Can I experiment with metaphysical change by intrinsically Inseminating Your intricate aesthetics with my anatomic anatomy I'm a wench on payday I wanna see that ass yeah daily, Twerk babies shake those hips Twerk like a cool girl Twerk for tip dam girl that nice ass gonna sink ships Twerk real athletic do the flips Twerk so fast like I'm on drug trips y'all girl you got some nice nips butt clenched up and down Twerk it out like a clown Twerk to my newly made Noun Twerk its ok if you frown just keep twerking and get down Girl Twerk like you work with a nasty ass jerk and you make him go erk your ass like a rocket launcher I think you a merk Twerk so hard let's invade a Turk Twerk girl keep going let your ass keep flowing holding my dick in from blowing blushing on my face is showing erection yes boner slowly growing ejaculation not knowing Ethiopia to los Angeles the melodies enveloping developing excelling and slowing melling and all knowing telling and going selling and blowing yelling and flowing rap speed is the need by Struth for the young rap youth demonstrating and relating to your fate and never discriminating just Masturbating Creating The Patience Spelling Abbreviations Then Getting Them From The First World Nations and mating I'm Stating the Facts Making It Back On The Track Like I Inject Crack in My Veins Watching The Trains pass by and figuring out The Truths From The Lies because I Have Hip Hop Spy's I'm a nice guy girls say to me This Some Real Shit and I'm It So Stop Wanting This Clit this Slit in my mittin Trish Fishing for glistening Piss intermission of definition to show precision no repetition just imagination no exaggeration never debilitating inceptionry and exhilarating exploration through sexual elevation an invitation to entertainment without hesitation in instigation through instinct and endless patience intricate institution of divisional creations of lights of synchronized illumination of intimate feelings of intrepid excitement and erotic enlightenment introspective rising interdimensionally through waves of interstellar high times thinking i will fuck you like a rad bitch i will satisfy your dreams bitch like a football teams bitch your stream itch your mean fish make it clean ish a little fiendish seamless treason in your fourth season your man heathen a sex demon in your hair clit teason im beamen in your rare speech plan cause I'm the man dam I feel like captain caveman bam bam bam let me get some of your pussy ham 21 year old nice girl from Vietnam sweaty clam, Australia vacationer, Japan oh dam, Sweden I'v seeded, California I'm hornya, walked out of the strip club confronted by a little bub said he could spit rhymes I said shit get with the times he couldn't even say I went to the store without falling puffed out on the floor but I could see in his core a door to rap galore for sure so I took him to the shore and said what do you see he said I see a sea of pure ethnicity I said well you and me can be quite free if we can make three we can be a group a chuck rap poop at the top rapper and talk crap about their dapper way of tap like dirt how their worse then star treks captain Kurt these Niggas are Cybermen think their invincible until I diss them with one syllable I'm unfillable with my rap need I'm subliminal with my mystic and linguistic words i diss you really cryptic on my wishlist and your misses in your disses make your hitlist a repetition with my visions of control while your pissen on some bitchTits and your wishing you had soul and I'm rapping gangsta lyrics as I fuck your pussy hole) also your allowed to copyright this rap if you want, as long as you mention, Jeb from Atherton QLD 4883 Australia as a helping writer thank you