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😟 Worried Face Emoji

Noun frown face sad face Egypt bfnfb Person Obama Dog 2zzipzqc Thung Gay 😟😟 Sad
Verb express Frowning scared to look sad to sadden Run hgfhdfh Guilty Impressed Buh To run Oh no Gffryuyhgguhfmkl.m. .
Adjective distress To frown spooky sadly sad Blue p Blue dfhfdh Not bad Fluffy Holy cow
Definition Some showing unhappiness Frown when your sad this is a face This is a sad face. Sad, upset, betrayed Not bad face The fluffy to. Ran Sad Thank you you are lovely
Example of Use His distressed frown expressed his unhapiness. I frown when I'm sad. The face was scared after watching a movie. The girl was sad.. I was so sad today.. I have been betrayed. 😟😟 Buh!!! Omg you scared me. The Carley sent this to braxton Thank you you are lovely Gay