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😟 Worried Face Emoji

Noun frown face sad face Egypt bfnfb Person Obama Dog 2zzipzqc Thung Gay 😟😟 Sad editforag upset,worrid
Verb express Frowning scared to look sad to sadden Run hgfhdfh Guilty Impressed Buh To run Oh no Gffryuyhgguhfmkl.m. . editforag sad
Adjective distress To frown spooky sadly sad Blue p Blue dfhfdh Not bad Fluffy Holy cow editforag
Definition Some showing unhappiness Frown when your sad this is a face This is a sad face. Sad, upset, betrayed Not bad face The fluffy to. Ran Sad Thank you you are lovely use this when editforag is near you it’s editforag
Example of Use His distressed frown expressed his unhapiness. I frown when I'm sad. The face was scared after watching a movie. The girl was sad.. I was so sad today.. I have been betrayed. 😟😟 Buh!!! Omg you scared me. The Carley sent this to braxton Thank you you are lovely Gay editforag is here!! look! it’s editforag 😟