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🥴 Woozy Face Emoji

Noun woozy face Smiley Woozy Face Emoji face Emoji And this emoji is a bit cute, right? &he Me when I spin 20 times
Verb when u bust a nut Whoooooooooozing Spin 20 times
Adjective flirty Sick 🤢 🥴Why do I spin too much?🥴 Hey, less than a month e
Definition I drank too much beer a smirking face Sick 🤢 🥴Why make swirl loop on minecraft when u can play them on roblox🤯 17 counts of homicide crooked painted face
Example of Use 🥴 Face ''Hey girl, u wanna add me on roblox 🥴'' Whoa whoa whoa 😮, I’m sick 🤢 🥴 Well play a jump 200 miles down a dropper game on roblox there are federal agents outside my house