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👒 Womans Hat Emoji

Noun hat Sun hat circus The hat my grandma wears hi Donkey Aww so cute! Γ°ΕΈΒ₯Β°
Verb To wear Wearing Wearing a hat cute circus ji Farting
Adjective stuffy, British Cute Lovely attractive Straw Sunny, hot, fluffy circus Fanny Fedora Bumpy hi Smells nice
Definition wearing a hat today. A stuffy, British weekend at the seaside This is a hat. This is a Straw hat summertime is coming, going to the beach/vacation(mostly summer vacation) great things Kentucky Derby It is a pet name my Mother uses for me. Someing that you wear on your head hi The farting donkey smells nice Hat hat poopy hat
Example of Use She received many compliments on her new hat.. I am going shopping in the rain today. Your hat looks very lovely.. Western people prefers hat a lot.. I Love Hats. fluffy hats Good Morning Momma - What time do you want me in Marin tomorrow? I love you, Γ°ΕΈΕ½Β© xo He knocked her hat off I like your hat Γ°ΕΈβ€˜β€™ hi The farting donkey smells nice