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👚 Womans Clothes Emoji

Noun Shirt Blouse A women's shirt T-SHIRT WITH BOOBS OUT Budaladaboo b Boobs Womans lean
Verb wear To Wear Wearing MUMMY'S BREAST'S SHOWING To breastfeed Lean shirt
Adjective pink Wearable pretty To wear sexy Squishy woman lean shirt very cool very nice
Definition A piece of clothing worn on the upper torso, typically by women This is a shirt an article worn on the body loose fitting garment worn on the upper body Wearing a shirt A woman's dress a very nice shirt new shirt Womans leanthes
Example of Use I wear my favorite pink blouse to work almost every week.. This purple shirt is nice to wear. I have a new shirt.. I need a clean blouse because I just spilled coffee on mine. I put on my shirt today. like my sexy new shirt yes oh yes yes klean shirt