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👩 Woman Emoji

Noun woman face Girl woman girl Dog Gegvdg Women Old Female looking at nothing black
Verb to stare to be stares To Look dfg staring To run Serious To penis ARE YOU HAVING A STARING CONTEST WITH NO I WANT MY BREAKFAST
Adjective blank womanly pretty round Looking lip stik girl , red lips girl Fluffy White Turd Hard penis Boring blanlk
Definition This is a staring woman. This is a woman. staring woman a woman's face staring She is a girl a girl with red lips Woman It means that it is a girl Sit in silence A women That there is a boring girl just staring into space ðŸő€ just nothing
Example of Use The woman had a blank stare.. I saw a woman walking down the street.. The pretty woman stares at you.. I am going to look at you like this if I don't see dinner made when I get home.. The girl looks strange. the girl with the red lips was stering at you I am a woman that is staring into you. I can't dance cuz I'm white I guess I will sit in silence This is a women and she looks serious and her face is round The giant penis entered my butt. I didn't hate it I'm so bored, just like this emoji. I WANT MY DINNER