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✅ White Heavy Check Mark Emoji

Noun SIGN Checkmark check Stars Check mark g Tick GreenDotGang saaa βœ… cfgdfghdf test Lliroululyl
Verb to check Approve to mark check checking sparkling vuetiful buetiful rt To confirm To confirm, check, approve, to be sure o With blue background To show success Done sd βœ… ghdfghdfg
Adjective checked White green Sitting in the sky Hug r beu βœ… dfghdfghdfgh checker Letyyuuiuiyyu6 y6yyyy6y666y6yyyyyyy6yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy6yy6y
Definition a check mark A symbol of selection or approval This is a check mark. A check is a symbol. A sign of completion or acknowledgment Stars are buetiful and they are always there for you. U_U To confirm, check, to make sure, correct, mark Family fb βœ… dfgfghdfghsdfg IT MEANS IM RIGHT
Example of Use My to do list is all checked off. Place a checkmark next to your answer.. Select the check mark as your answer.. A check is a sign that things are okay.. Jane checked off the survey answer she thought was right.. The stars sparkle while sitting in the sky GreenDotGang is Worldwide and a business πŸ™‡πŸ»‍♀️ Yes I got 150/150 and a checkmark on my math exam shao βœ… hdfghdfghdfgh HI