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💮 White Flower Emoji

Noun White Flower symbol pattern flower chinese symbol japanese symbol Stamp that says "Good Job" Japanese White Flower Stamp Lacrosse This emoji is a bit cute right? πŸ₯°
Verb celebrating to display to decorate to praise to confuse To do a good job Run Bloom Journey to enlightenment
Adjective white whitish decorative weird Fun White/red πŸ˜•πŸ€”πŸ˜πŸ˜΅πŸŒŒβ³πŸŒˆ
Definition symbolizing good or outstanding work This is a symbol. This is a detailed pattern. This is a white flower that shows a job well done there are chinese symbols in a flower stamp that is given to children that do a good job on their work This emoji is a stamp, commonly used in Japan. This stamp of the White Flower represents a job well done, as the calligraphy states inside. The emoji πŸ’― is also used with this one. Lacrosse is fun but you'll have to run Cool smoke the white lotus flower with a touch of weed and a touch of DMT while drinking Pepsi and your world will Brighten time will open and you will experience the essence of life and go on a journey through your solipsistic mind 🌝 What does this emoji mean?
Example of Use Jack got an A on his homework and received a white flower.. This symbol is of a white flower.. She sewed the pattern on her dress.. The teacher give me a white flower in praise.. are you going to the festival tonight?. Lacrosse is fun but you'll have to run The flower bloomed white and red I did that and was shown a paradigm