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🙀 Weary Cat Face Emoji

Noun shock scared cat cat Smiley ygfyt kitty elsa My life YUMMY OMG Emu Screaming in fear cat face 🙋🐱 Dog Boy Cat turning to a zombie Chikken nugget Poo adadw He can mow Scream Scary Breanna C 🐱+😩=🙀 بحسنبمبعح بتتقبل AHHH OH NO SHOKED CAT! bry UR MOMMA
Verb shocked to terrify meows To See scream To scream 🙀 drinking milk Love Scared KAWWAI Gasping Looking saying OMG opening mouth To fly To scare to be surprized Sit FAF Viluhdulihutdriogioterugio Running Cars T Screaming Weary Furball 😂 IM FREAKING OUT IDK bry YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Adjective shocking spooky scared seeing surprised Screaming fluffy Snowy Yellow Whiscers Kawaii Blank OKAY fur horrified shocked Lol Fun Creepy Lesbian Pooffy FAFA Scared,sadness,happy and proud Cats 6 Scared​ اجؤتهخنج You look scared SHOKED bry spoicy
Definition Something that is unexpected, and a bit unpleasant this is a cat thats freaked out a feline that is shocked This is a Smiley This is a cat. เก้ท้ I love cats so it means cats have feelings. I love my Family.We play. That it's surprised A terrified cat Kawaii Funny Omg a cat with is shocked (and cute) That you have no meaning in life if you have gotten this far💩 2 u This cat means a lot of my kitten. poop Nothing really FIOJIOEFEFWEWEF He is in his cave on his own,I am scared... I love cats O I. Am. Scared! Were going to need a bigger drill .. A way to show you're freaking out or scared. 🐈×😱=🙀 Always use cat emojis instead of regular emojis. 😱 + 🐱 = 🙀 bry lovvve
Example of Use I was shocked that my favorite actor was arrested. I came home and there was a cat. the cat meows in fear. Smiley always reflects our mood. I was so shocked.. ่ The kitty was surprised. The fluffy kitty was drinking milk we kiss. The cat is surprised about the party. You could be terrified and love animals/cats The fluffy cat looks like omg the girl stood there horrified and with her final breaths she whispered OMG the shocked cat emoji is the only shocked animal emoji. I'm having sex with a boy and its fun For example me and my family found a stray kitten at our front door and we took her in. Pooffy ADWDAWDADAWDA His name is scared emoji he has white eyes and a yellow face. Breanna love cars to drive and she love to her cats. ,jydyi'bhjsyrbtth npo' The cat is very weary I FORGOT THE TEST IMMA FAAAAIL!!!!! 🙀🙀🙀 ME LOVE CATS! DO NOT USE THE SHOKED FACE USE THE SHOKED CAT FACE! PLZZZZ! bry UR MOMMA YEEEEEEEEEEEEE SPOICY LOBVE