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🚾 Water Closet Emoji

Noun restroom watercloset toilet Waste Closet woman crush Woman crush Wednesday dop water
Verb to wash to pee to go to the bathroom to relieve informing wcw
Adjective water closet urgency informative European blue pretty
Definition This sign designates a water closet. this is a sign for the watercloser This is a sign for the water closet. This is the European icon for bathrooms. another word for the bathroom to me it stands for woman crushΓ°ΕΈΛœβ€š water
Example of Use Wash your hands in the water closet. Where's the WC??. She needed to go to the water closet, so she looked for a sign.. "WC" is short for "water closet".. Jane did not know the waste room meant the same thing as the bathroom.. the water came down fast