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⌚ Watch Emoji

Noun wristwatch Watch Wrist Watch New york Dog Timeless Time Ncp timepiece iwatch Apple watch chronometer
Verb to count To tell time timing Tell time to time To dab Run Time Gh UW
Adjective ticking personal accessory To tell time wrist Green and delish Flyffy Good Time
Definition a timekeeping piece worn on the wrist A device worn on the wrist that displays the time A wearable accessory used to keep time A watch that your wear This is a wrist watch. life It's very sentimental because my dad died on a bean The fluffy dog ran far Good What does it mean I shows time
Example of Use He checked his wristwatch for the current time.. The watch needs to be reset.. Jane looked at her watch and she ran to catch the bus.. I wore a watch to work. I put the watch on my wrist.. I went to nyc to dab but I hit my dad he died on a bean and he tasted green and delish The fluffy dog ran far Food I have to go its6:00pm