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📳 Vibration Mode Emoji

Noun logo Heart phone I love my phone 📳My Iphone X
Verb loves to display To Love to call to vibrate Ezz" 📳My Iphone X is ringing📳
Adjective orange colorful Lovely loving silent Over wank mode Positive 📳Iphones are vibrating weirdly...📳
Definition The orange button has an interesting icon. This is a logo. This is heart This is a phone with a heart. This phone is set to vibration mode I do not have a Iphone but I 💙 📳
Example of Use The icon on the button shows love for the device.. This logo is used by companies.. Heart express the love between humans. Press the phone button that has the heart on it.. I put my phone on vibration mode.. Birthday Phones are amazing but Iphones are vibrating in a weird way. #📳