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🚦 Vertical Traffic Light Emoji

Noun Traffic light Signal Stop light Light Stoplight traffic green
Verb lighten To direct Stopping stop signal To stop Ek;
Adjective colorful directive To stop bright traffic useful Stop - slow down - go 12
Definition This is a traffic light. traffic light A traffic light This is a brightly colored traffic light. A way of indicating wheter traffic should stop or go A regular stoplight. 🚦🚦🚦 This is a traffic light emoji. A traffic light emoji, is normally filled with bright lights whether to go (green), get ready (amber) or stop (red) The red means go The orange means slow down - not all traffic lights have orange The green means accelerate/go nfi 🚦❤ vertical traffic lights حححخنمحپچمحگ
Example of Use Traffic lights are used in busy roads.. I am at a red light. The light turned red so I had to stop. Stop when the traffic light turns red.. The traffic light signaled the cars to stop. The traffic light, turned from red to green in a matter of seconds To then to more logo