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🚦 Vertical Traffic Light Emoji

Noun Traffic light Signal Stop light Light Stoplight traffic
Verb lighten To direct Stopping stop signal To stop
Adjective colorful directive To stop bright traffic useful Stop - slow down - go
Definition This is a traffic light. traffic light A traffic light This is a brightly colored traffic light. A way of indicating wheter traffic should stop or go A regular stoplight. 🚦🚦🚦 This is a traffic light emoji. A traffic light emoji, is normally filled with bright lights whether to go (green), get ready (amber) or stop (red) The red means go The orange means slow down - not all traffic lights have orange The green means accelerate/go
Example of Use Traffic lights are used in busy roads.. I am at a red light. The light turned red so I had to stop. Stop when the traffic light turns red.. The traffic light signaled the cars to stop. The traffic light, turned from red to green in a matter of seconds To then to more logo