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↕ Up-down Arrow Emoji

Noun arrow Up-down arrows Symbol Up and Down Arrows arrows Up and Down Vertical Arrows Left arrow
Verb leading To point To show Pointing GOING , COMING
Adjective pointy Pointed Blue multi-directional Left arrow
Definition this is an arrow These are up-down arrows. This is a symbol. arrows pointing in both directions These are arrows. GOING UP AND DOWN
Example of Use the arrow guided everyone to the exit of the park. The up-down arrows were next to the elevators.. I was allowed to go up or down.. The instructions showed the up and down arrow showing that the mechanism moved up and down.. The arrows pointed in two directions.. 7.5Ò†‒ 7.5mgÒ†‒ I AM GOING UP, I AM GOING DOWN, I AM CONFUSED WHERE TO GO UP OR DOWN.