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💕 Two Hearts Emoji

Noun hearts heart Hearts that belong double heart Poop Flirty hearts some people need to quit putting the N w friend Girl cracker cooper love, friendship, relationship, recipric Emoji hearts 💞 Nut
Verb beat love To Love hearts to be loved and to be in love Poop Flirting hearts To hold
Adjective pink loved Lovely pink hearts Loving two hearts revolving around each other sweet Kindness & Respect Poop You use them when you flirt compassion love is in the air loving, together
Definition These are two pink hearts. two little hearts This is heart organ that circulates blood two pink hearts side by side The hearts need each other also knows as the friendzone emoji it can be used to anyone you love Love is in the air. everything ? 💕That my posts and comments (i.e. first heart) will show love, kindness and respect to all other persons (i.e. second heart) reading or seeing any, &/or all, of my comments or posts.💕 Poop Flirting emoji Skip a heart beat cracker Happiness that two people are in love
Example of Use Our hearts beat for each other.. two little beating herats. Heart express the love between humans. heart is responsible for food supply to the whole body. When you love someone u do anything for them. happy mother's day💞 goodnight i love you 💕I commit that my personal posts and comments will always reflect kindness and respect for all people, whether they be of a different race, color, religion or with different personal beliefs.💕 Poop I really like your picture💕 I have much love and compassion for a friend Austin A girl to hold. I love you 💕 i love cooper Two people with love in their hearts. The love is mutual. I like you. Let's have a relationship. We are good together. “Love is in the air! 💕💞