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🐢 Turtle Emoji

Noun TURTLE The. The Turtle Emoji i like turtles I am a stegosaurus .y Fenikin Tanner turle me e Mitch
Verb LOOKING move to walk walk Slow walk to crawl Wading, walking i like turtles Camminare turtle A slow, inactive , turtle Birthday e
Adjective GREEN slow Cute i like turtles Lento turtle Slooooooooooow special! e
Definition A SMALL ANIMAL THAT HAS A SHELL ON ITS BACK. A reptile with the reputation for slow movement This is a turtle. green turtle A shelled animal. To move slowly A green turtle (or tortoise). May be used when saying a object is slow. i like turtles Andare lentamente turtle When I say"I like turtles"or"likes turtles". e
Example of Use A TURTLE MOVES SLOWLY.. The slow turtle could not move across the road without help. The turtle walked away.. turtles move very slowly. That turtle is green.. I have a turtle that is cute but is a really slow walker. I'm slowly moving... Sorry. I am going to be late. The traffic is slow. 🐒 i like turtles Vado lentamente come una 🐒 turtle Valantine 🐒 Buy an android 7.1 and have this cute guy! Òž‘️🐒 e