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🚩 Triangular Flag Emoji

Noun Flag a flag Yo mum A bird Red and black green Parsad R k Green flag Γ˜ΒΉΓ™β€žΓ™β€¦ Γ™β€žΓ™Ε Γ˜Β¨Γ™Ε Γ˜Β§
Verb To flag move to warn alert I don't know Cool Kalal I don’t know Flagged Γ™β€žΓ™Ε Γ˜Β¨Γ™Ε Γ˜Β§ flag
Adjective Flagged gorgeous red the flag Cool green Hindu kind Γ˜ΒΉΓ™β€žΓ™β€¦ Γ™β€žΓ™Ε Γ˜Β¨Γ™Ε Γ˜Β§
Definition This is a flag A cloth on rod is mark of a country or team This is a red flag. A red flag A way of waving cloth to warn someone its a flag lmao It's means nothing Mental health awareness Hindu flag i'm a communist Γ°ΕΈΕ‘Β© Flag Γ˜ΒΉΓ™β€žΓ™β€¦ Γ˜Β¨Γ™β€žΓ˜Β§Γ˜Β―Γ™Ε 
Example of Use The area was marked with a flag.. Flags are held high. I am warning you.. This girl is crazy, total . They put up a red flag to warn the race car drivers. i am a flag, you flag, we all are the flag I mean nothing A red or saffron triangle flag represents Hinduism i'm a communist Haveri This a flag Green Γ˜ΒΉΓ™β€žΓ™β€¦ Γ™β€žΓ™Ε Γ˜Β¨Γ™Ε Γ˜Β§