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™ Trade Mark Emoji

Noun letters trademark symbol Thing that is Exclusive a company Thing Click Tourettes Muslim donald Tm n3 UR Skkssms,ska,sis,kdkdkrkeke,e
Verb find to copyright signifying to market to state To run This Blows with MOM Kemekwkkwms,s,seeks,s
Adjective uppercase ownership legal bold Trade Mark Owns BOOM H)higgec4cgcecjbo Sans is hot
Definition These are the letters T and M. The trademark symbol. A legal sign that shows something is owned this is a trademarked sign This is a symbol meaning Trade Mark. Good Ms s smsmskkdkskemsmsjj
Example of Use TM is the trademark for the company.. Our company is trademarked.. The trademark of the logo showed that it was owned.. I trade marked this. This TM symbol ascertains the propriety of the products.. we are home I did Khjhhjnh GG FAM Sijsjans snsnjsjsjsjsnsnssns s(nsh