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🚽 Toilet Emoji

Noun Toilet poo corner Tommy John turtle Thing Dfddgdjdk poop dab pumpkin
Verb flushing to go to use to relieve void a peaceful place Peter jump To do a Henry the third To poop to take a Trump Svdbdjcxdybdctugyxds pooping dab
Adjective porcelain relieving white clean dirty fluffy John Gross Potty Mouth smelly dab
Definition A bowl found in bathrooms to where people relieve themselves You use the toilet to relieve yourself. this is a toilet This icon denotes a toilet device where people urinate and deficate POOPOOPOOPOOPOOPOOPOOPOOPOOPOOPOOPOOPOOP Good memories THIS EMOJI IS LIFE Commode 😭 dab
Example of Use Jen used the toilet to go to the bathroom.. I went to the bathroom after school.. I need to go. Where is the nearest toilet?. I really need to use the toilet. I go poop on toilet it make me feel goot. *GOAT Plop! That wasn't me George is a potty mouth F dab