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😫 Tired Face Emoji

Noun angst Upset face smiley Face heart Lust I Moaning eΡ…Ρ•aΡ‚ιon IM YO DADDY (then this is girls face) YES Constipation dog Baby Poop 😩 Gutted BOI woman Yawn Sad face cat ThE fAcE oF gEtTiNg ThAt PoWeRfUl PuMp PERSON Bob Moan Moaning. Pain a relieved person noam
Verb despair To be upset sadden upsetting lose To See Lust After Want Lust To moan idk Extremely sad To poop to run Jump πŸ˜” To feel gutted . Annoyed kiss To yawn To be unhappy, felt left out or even fee to jog Running complaining relieving Gutted moaning ΰ€‘
Adjective terrible Upset devastated broken Seeing Lustful Bad Moan ιdΔΈ Yell ouch devestated fluffy Daddy Stinky 😍 Gutted annoyed deeply Unhappy yummy MOANING Fed up frustration Painful very relief sorrowful ouch
Definition When you're not too happy devastated smiley to be upset to be devastated This is a Smiley lusting for a hoe on twitter I Want You So Bad this emoji should never be used. Moaning I donΡ‚ wanΡ‚ Ρ‚o This is a constipation emoji tghis is a dogg Funny You can't get what you want,you miss that person, It's like when I find out something I didn't want I feel gutted He's annoyed Yawning; toresd very much sadness the fluffy dog ran to be relief of distress
Example of Use I'm upset because I have to go to court. I can't believe I failed my test. I am so upset.. This is me without you.. Smiley always reflects our mood. I Want You The girl is moaning I feel very constipated 😫 tghis is adogg When I use this emoji, I want my man. This funny emoji is the greatest Oh I'm gutted he's not going Boi, what iz wrong wit ya I'm so tired!😫 death the fluffy dog ran far Oh YeS DaDdY! dOn'T sToP! 😫 he shoved it in deeper as i let out a big moan Feeling left out “Finally 😫.. i finished” the girl moaned