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thumbs up

👍 Thumbs Up Emoji

Noun Thumbs up thumb Brooke laura 1234@ People black colour Dertasz1234 yogita sharvani Katz Katz sex shop yes Person hannah
Verb Give thumbs up
Adjective To give thumbs up up Approved good thumbs up Sticky dertasz12334 To ignore Well done by heart fast yes Kind cool
Definition Having a thumbs up This is a thumbs up symbol. A way of expressing satisfaction with something this is a thumsbs up Okay Good job When you ignore someone To me It means I have done a good job wendy was a very good beat taelor mum Yogita Sharvani It means that something is good Good luck yes I admire what you doing They are cool Funny and Weird
Example of Use I gave my friends a thumb up. Joe gave the thumbs up when he was ready.. The executive was gratified when his boss gave him an enthusiastic thumbs up after the meeting.. He approved the movie with a thumb up. i will give you a thumbs up. Brooke did a good job on her test Me: hi Person: 👍🏼 Well done on the job you have done today Sharvani This is good mom!! G re. CX Store yes That person looks very kind as she is walking Funny i am really busy