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👎 Thumbs Down Emoji

Noun THUMB Thumbs Down Finger bummer Dog Cat feet Thumb down emog Person A FINGER pointing Poop Hand No
Verb POINTING Disapprove To point point to disapprove 1234 moves sleep to run to eat food Dhfj emoged Grinning Thumbs up POINTING DOWN to dislike beatifull down, boo Pooping Point down run jfxt πŸ˜‰ xhxhxuxhxjthdjdjcuf Not
Adjective NEGATIVE bad Pointing pink Dsvj finger fluffy ugly Bdbd emoggy ff UPSET Smelly poop Mean bfjxhgxkduyjvggfchfvfegr Doing
Definition A THUMB POINTING DOWN MEANS IT'S BAD A hand gesture to reject something This is a finger A thumb is a small digit. this is a thumb pointing down Cats are scary and some are nice thumbs down cat are weird not good or bad somthing i hate thats what my respoce word be Dhmd dense fog ☝ Finger pointing down This emoji means that no one likes what you did or say so they put a thumbs down. POOPπŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’© Disapproving or Do not agree thw the fluffy dog ran far
Example of Use I GAVE THAT MOVIE A THUMBS DOWN.. I give this movie a thumbs down.. This finger points downwards. The thumb pointed down.. I am not cool with this. dogs like to run like is someone said there ugly when there not i would put that Xbns Beware of the emoggy weather conditions. I AM VERY UPSET THAT I CANT EAT FOOD SO I PUT MY FINGER DOWN Pic rejected My thumbs are down. I give it a thumbs down It is pointing down becaus the finger (thumb) is pointing down. the fluffy dog ran far