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thinking face

🤔 Thinking Face Emoji

Noun Ponder THINKING My name Jonathan and his girlfriend Is she a stripper Sexy striper Action hero Personality traits
Verb To ponder Think Stripper Ponders Cool shit man Contemplate evaluate are
Adjective Ponderish Yes it does have some questions Nude dude Confusing Using utilities to invoke a extraterrestrial invincibility t Rapping insemination Yes yes yes
Definition This emoji is pondering on a very important issue When you realize you only have one hand Kaia meddaugh Don't mess with me. . . I have a gun! 👹 To think of something Sexy price of shit That I don't understand. Thinking emoji: Should I go out with her or no. " "Nah" That I should pick up my trusty condom and use it to cover a sword and place it on a rollercoaster and use it as a seat family guy style Not limited to gender or anything for example I'm a 21 year old guy who wants pussy and yet I stood like stereotypical Britney spears I stood in big w for 2 hours going yes non yes no yes no looking at one lair of shorts and my last decision was no I don't want the shorts So don't discriminate based on stereotype because stereotypes are bullshit
Example of Use I pondered on the meaning of life You chair 💩🤔 Iono bout alla DAT! 🤔 What do you mean? 🤔 I was thinking what to think about I just dropped a metaphor hommie