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🎋 Tanabata Tree Emoji

Noun Bamboo branch Festival banner image holiday Hammock Lounge chair Eggplant ÁLVARO de Hhioplyvcxzt
Verb sell to hang to celebrate waves sway to wish filled
Adjective green red Japanese unusual fun with Lucky
Definition a rapidly growing reedy plant This is a red flag and a green branch. Icon denotes Tabanata tree / festival The banner has a bamboo shoot, a red strip and a star An image that resembles a bamboo pole with a hammock, under a star. Star festival or tanabata, July 7th 😎 luck 1️⃣
Example of Use They planned to sell the green bamboo. The red flag hung from the green branch.. When is the Tabanata festival?. I really like this banner, as it is quite unusual. The red hammock swayed beneath the star.. We are going to celebrate tanabata on July 7th. πŸ˜ŽπŸŽ‹1οΈβƒ£βœŠ I feel lucky