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👕 T-shirt Emoji

Noun Shirt polo shirt T shirt boys blue shirt
Verb AZul
Adjective Hot soft blue buttoned Casual wear Cotton Polo good
Definition Yeah. Hell yes an article of clothing worn on the upper body a blue shirt An article of clothing for the torso. This is a shirt. blue shirt Casual dressing It means something that covers up the top part of a human beings body I think that this emoji means the shirts that I have and I am wearing one too.but,it is blue and has a collar and everything and everyone loves it Polo A shirt for a boy bad Christmas present
Example of Use I just found my blue polo shirt. I am going to wear a blue shirt today.. I put on my blue shirt today for work.. The man wore a shirt.. I bought a new shirt today at the store. Come in a casual T- shirt for outing tomorrow. I once wore a shirt to a party it was blue and had buttons The shirt is crumbled a bit and the color is a gloomy blue Shirt The blue shirt was drying and it was blue.