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👕 T-shirt Emoji

Noun Shirt polo shirt T shirt boys blue shirt
Verb AZul to wear hanging Something to wear Crumbled Stay wear drying
Adjective Hot soft blue buttoned Casual wear Cotton Polo good
Definition Yeah. Hell yes an article of clothing worn on the upper body a blue shirt An article of clothing for the torso. This is a shirt. blue shirt Casual dressing It means something that covers up the top part of a human beings body I think that this emoji means the shirts that I have and I am wearing one too.but,it is blue and has a collar and everything and everyone loves it Polo A shirt for a boy bad Christmas present Angelka kalsso
Example of Use I just found my blue polo shirt. I am going to wear a blue shirt today.. I put on my blue shirt today for work.. The man wore a shirt.. I bought a new shirt today at the store. Come in a casual T- shirt for outing tomorrow. I once wore a shirt to a party it was blue and had buttons The shirt is crumbled a bit and the color is a gloomy blue Shirt The blue shirt was drying and it was blue.