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💉 Syringe Emoji

Noun needle drug Shot Heroine Syringe Dog🐢 Dentist drugs, drawling blood Drug shot flu shot Blood When you inject bleach straight into the 💉💊💉 syringe with blood tablet Me shots Inject
Verb to inject inject poking take blood to drug ones self Hurt Bleed Draw blood stabbing Injection To run To help needle in your skin Idfk Sharp and soothing you take this before school starts so yo needling someone When you want to hecking die Shoot up Bang
Adjective bloody sharp Injecting helping loopy Duffy Deadly Painful blood red Idk eitherΓ°ΕΈΛœβ€š Do drugs kids, tell your friends. Black Tar to be inject
Definition this is a syringe with red in it A needle is sharp object used to inject liquids. device used for drawing blood This is a needle Taking someone's blood to run tests. druggy To do heroine I have to go for my blood test chance is a big $#!! to administer poison, scary Ur somebody's blood or like related or something I injected my arm with synthetic watermelon, chicken, and weed and I ended up with epilepsy so now I go to scheduled appointments at jiving tailors riddlen Syringe emoji if you have clogged arteries can you put drano in your bloodstream? Ship sheesh
Example of Use I need to get vaccinated. Doctors used needles to inject.. Jan did not like the needle when she had to give blood.. Doctor use needles to inject medicine. The doctor used a needle to draw my blood.. I'm using heroine 💉💉 ZYTAVION MANGO eat POOP The Syringe was used to administer deadly poison. I'm going to the doctors and thy are going to drawl my blood Flashing lights you put drano in here B xui i am getting vaccinated