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🍣 Sushi Emoji

Noun sushi food Beccan Santa hat dog Thing yummy yum delicious sushi house
Verb eat to eat Wear run Sitting there yummy yum delicious
Adjective japanese tasty fishy Uncooked Red Nice cool Cute yummy yum delicious yummy!
Definition Sushi is a japanese food. This is a tray of meat. Two pieces of raw sushi. slices of pig meat This is sushi. Raw fish on a bed of vinegared rice. It is a Santa hat. A hat Santa would wear Rice with ketchup yum It means sushi 🍣 yummy delicious
Example of Use An example of sushi is tuna sushi.. I would like to eat some meat.. everyday I eat beccan and eggs. He didn't like fish, so he turned down the invitation to the sushi bar.. Raw fish on bed of vinegared rice is wonderful Japanese delicacy known as Sushi. It was Christmas time so I put on a Santa hat Eaf I ♥ sushi I love 🍣 it's fish yummy yum delicious a type of food