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🍓 Strawberry Emoji

Noun strawberry 🍔🍆🍒🍚🍡🍦
Verb eat to ripen to eat 🍣🍙🍤🍩🍠🌾🐛🐌🐋
Adjective ripe Edible fruity sweet 🐝🐋🐌🐉🐚🐌🍣🍣🍤📯🎧🎤
Definition This is a ripe, red strawberry. This is a strawberry. This is a strawbery This is a strawberry 🎤🎼🎶🎶🎶🎼📻
Example of Use I want to eat the ripe, red strawberry.. I ate the strawberry.. Her favorite fruit is strawberries.. The strawberry is sweet and tasty. 🎧🎵📢🔇🎶