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🍜 Steaming Bowl Emoji

Noun Bowl Chowmins soup noodles Romen noddles Mì hoành thánh Guy This is a thing americans eat everyday.
Verb hot To eat eat tasty Eating noodles. Your Mom Send N O
Adjective hot Tasty noodle yummy Your Mom's mom
Definition This is bowl A chinese dish made of noodles This is a bowl containing noodle soup. This is a bowl of noodles soup. this is food It is a delicious meal people in china eat all the time. Your dad
Example of Use The hot soup in bowl. Lets have some chowmins today. Eat your noodle soup with chop-sticks.. The noodles are liked by children.. very tasty soup. I eat steaming bowls of noodles everyday. Your dads dad.