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🍦 Soft Ice Cream Emoji

Noun Ice cream soft-serve ice cream cone piece of heaven Heaven on Earth IceCream Sundae Sofia Matra POOPY PERSON
Verb Eat creaming to eat an ice cream cone To eat and ice cream cone Heaven Thouet gdhdbscsdxwxd effet thy gvtsketDr Action Poop
Adjective To eat ice cream cool like an ice cream cone Happiness sweet delicious Cold yum Thhg' Poop
Definition A delicious frozen dessert A cold dessert found in many flavors This is a soft-serve ice cream cone. Ice cream is a delicious dessert that you eat Ice cream is a sweet dessert. the world Caca HEAVEN MR FROSTY its always broken at Mcdonalds Poop
Example of Use I ate ice cream.. My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate.. This ice cream is making me really happy. Ice cream can be eaten on a cone.. I want to eat a delicious piece of heaven that tastes out of this world. Macar Sorry our icecream machine is broken pile o poop