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❄ Snowflake Emoji

Noun snowflake, a snowflake Logo snowflake Flake ELSA dog Hikink ❄️ fff yt Snow ❄️ ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️ muniira
Verb to be a snowflake, to freeze to impress to snow melt Snowing let it go run to fall ❄️ cute
Adjective like a snowflake, cold good snowy icy White CANT HOLD IT BACK ANYMORE stinky white and icy pointy blue ❄️ Snowflake 4 Cold πŸ₯Ά happy
Definition This is a snowflake. A good logo its a snowflake frozen water molecule Snowing Elsa is bae It changed my life When on a frowning face emoji nice
Example of Use I think I saw a snowflake mixed in the rain.. It's so cold outside today.. A logo creates good impression. look its a snow flake. The icy snowflake melted. It is snowing outside elsa and anna is bae A snowflake is white and icy and thats why it makes a snowstorm beautiful nwhusbh