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🏂 Snowboarder Emoji

Noun Man snowboarder Snow Snowboard Snowboarding wow he's Surfing Woman A guy blek
Verb To Play to snowboard snowboarding Snowboard Exercising To ski ride
Adjective Playing fun sporty Fresh To snowboard Funnly be my
Definition This is a man this is a guy snowboarding This is a snowboarder. A way of surfing on snow Going down a hill of snow in a board I either want to ski, and i want to ski with you, lets go skiing, or im skiing right now, check out my snapchat story cool love
Example of Use The man is playing. have you ever snowboarded. The snowboarder completed an amazing jump.. I love to go snowboarding when the snow is still fresh. I've never been snowboarding. how come all u wear is orange,grey, and white? do u KNOW how many fashion rules that you are breaking? The emoji, then check out my story