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sneezing face

🤧 Sneezing Face Emoji

Noun sneeze School sniffles EAT MY SHORTS IO hsjsbhhvdfhvudfhvuhereuaghfhuvihsdughguihdfuvhkdfvh udgvjdah Can Tissue DickFace cum Nunya
Verb to sneeze Grab a tissue Oh shiiit that feels nice DUDE IO Sneezing Business
Adjective sneezy sex I DID THE LAST ONE IO Ew Sneeze
Definition A person sneezing Sneeze 🤧 DONT DO DRUGS KIDS SERIESLY DONT DO DRUGS NO DRUGS DRUGS R BAD I HEART DRUGS DONT SAY THAT GO F*CK UR SELF sry It means it fed up with people Something sweet
Example of Use I sneezed because of the cat that I pet. I was looking up south east azian half kiwi porn the other day and a built tentacle spawning kiwazian was eating a daleks Ballsack and I came in a tissue Oh it was satisfactory aGuyNamedJoe ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST IO I started sneezing bc people annoying (A friend compliments you) mbn🤧