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😃 Smiling Face With Open Mouth Emoji

Noun Face Smiley Face smile Happy faace kelvin Happy Emoji happy Craig dinosaur Joyful Smilie Face Pillow Cat
Verb To be happy smiles To smile smile laughing happy Smiling funny
Adjective Happy yellow beautiful yellow. happy. smiley friendship face
Definition To be happy yellow face To display a smile This is a happy face. emoticon Happy face. Smiley face. Face. Happy. Smile. Sarcastic Af It showed strong emotion towards happiness This emoji means happiness I like what I see happy for friendship Stalker emoji The yellow cat laughed
Example of Use I'm so happy right now. The yellow face smiles to show joy.. I made a smiley face to the mailman this morning.. The happy face smiled at me.. A smilie can express emotions. I am very happy today. I am so happy (:) ) i am happy that my new friends are nice He was happy happy face The yellow cat laughed