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sleeping face

😴 Sleeping Face Emoji

Noun sleep Sleeping face dog mail i am the best Sleepy person moose Face, in bed Finna go to sleep SLEEEEEEEEEP Sleepy Rest Responsibility perro People Person Bbbb Bitch Trinity Temmie Psghkdx Aaron Baby
Verb to sleep
Adjective sleepy peaceful tired fluffy awesome pillow why so comfortable tall jloiiuuu Sleeping So boring I'm tired Shocked Bored sada Ρ‡Π΅ΠΊΡ‡ Full Snorey Ckbjhyug ,, aajaajajjssakkakq Q deqwweezzwwwweer the same time as a w CUTE Bdhf Adorable Cuddly
Definition this is a sleepy face I am asleep. To rest and restore the body in a deep semi conscious state. The sleepy face is tired. This is a sleeping face. This emoji means that you are tired and you're about to go to sleep or you're already asleep sleeping To be tired and to sleep very tall This emoji represents someone sleeping, tired, in bed. It could also mean "good night" dhfhfhfhfhfhhfhfhfhfhf It shows that your tired it mean you are sleepy or going to sleep When I'm bout to go to sleep or when I'm sleep on y'all or im tired TIRED Makes me tired Rest Responsibility "i am sleep" meaning ill just ignore what you just said I'm tried Im Temmie The fluffy dog went on s walk with me. Aaron is cute The baby is sleeping so cuddly c The
Example of Use I am falling asleep. I have fallen asleep.. I am so tired I wish I was sleeping.. When I get tired, I put on my best sleepy face, so I can go to bed.. They sleep soundly at night.. And sleep The dog was so fluffy it couldn't run so it went to sleep we got a letter in the mail saying that ther was a sleep over and we where running to go there and my pellow was so fluffy i went to sleep DO NOT DISTURB ME RIGHT NOW I AM SLEEPING LET ME SLEP IN PEACE OR GOOD NIGHT TO ALL U WONDERFUL PEOPLE The boy was tired and wanted to sleep. very tall I am tired. πŸ˜΄πŸ’€. Good night😴😴😴😴😴 fjfjfjjfjfjfjfjffjff Good night😴 i am getting sleepy Sleep I'm yall Bchirbvihrbhivbbjtingijntjvnojntvjntjvntjonvuntvintjovnyjbnjotnvjongvjongjon jo Tim job. J for byjo ymlntojnjo boot jobs uobnjotn onjoynuonjo Jong tjnbjobbnbjoyjouobyibunbuinuinh gjo. Out. JO gn ih gnoj fnvtouvutbvtiuhjobs Boyce job found hibvihrbihrbvkjdbvjkhjkvhijrbvhkbdkhbvihrbkhvbhkbrihbvkhbr ih r be hkfbbr jobjkf by fhbin one Jon jondlknjlhojrhjohvjn nnu buofhfojbtiubvjobuofbjonfklfjlh jobfujiboub buifobubofjbjofbvfjobojfbjborbjo jnorjyvjofnunvuib uirni ufbuuot ouhthvuoub Tired resonance zzz I'm 😴 right now me when I go to sleep😝 Rest Responsibility im sleep hOi! Im TeM The fluffy dog went on a walk with me. Aaron is fast and adorable