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sign of the horns

🤘🏽 Sign Of The Horns Emoji

Noun Devil Emoji Rock Hand Nerd TV Woo Gang gang Awsome life hac lit Shaka Classical music thing
Verb Rock out My fav emoji Rcking Good job j lit Rock sign Devil symbol LA LA LA being cool
Adjective Cool,dope Savage Rock nice Skinny WRkkgywo lit Cool stuff Devil symbol Elvis Presley on DMT
Definition Love Dope When I became the sun I shone into a mans hart when I became the sun I shone into a mans HART!!! Its Rock Shaka bra THE ONLY BLACK EMOJI WHUT...!!!! 🤙🏽🤘🏼 Lit Enjoying this sick music To rock out to your favorite metal band When I see this I say fo Shizzle mah Nizzle wikipizzle fizzle Jizzler snoop dogg 🤘🏻🤘🏻 B Showing off
Example of Use Ima savage🤘🤘 System of a down, the killers, nirvana, green day Rock and Metal 🤙🏻 The party is gonna be lit SYSTEM OF A DOWN 🤘🏽 THEY'RE THE LEGEND BITCHES Slipknot, avenge sevenfold, iron maiden Korn matalica Slayer and the one and only masterpiece band is System Of A Down Fo Shizzle I sizzle in tha drizzle while conditioning frizzle