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✂ Scissors Emoji

Noun Scissors Cut it Lesbian cut edit
Verb To shear to cut cutting to cute HE CUTS Cut it cut it cut cut it your prices way chop in cut
Adjective Shorn sharp pointy To cut CUT IT
Definition These are scissors A sharp object used to cut things Scissors are used to cut things. this is a pair of scissors To cut things with scissors "I get it now." SELF HERMING TOOL DANG THEY NEED TO LOWER THE PRICES AT FAST FOOD PLACES MY CHEAP SELF COULDNT GET NOTHING EXCEPT A TINY LITTLE FRENCH FRY THE STRUGGLES 😫 my names Tamyka and i use these every night because im so depressed hi this is the actual tamyka and i dont cut and that was a lie joshua walker is the one who cuts not me also i dont have depression
Example of Use Don't cut me. The scissors cut the paper with ease.. I used my scissors to cut the tape.. the scissors cut the piece of paper. I cut paper snowflakes with my scissors. I JUST DID