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⛵ Sailboat Emoji

Noun Sailboat boat Sail boat Kijhh
Verb Sailing for sailing to sail blow haulout
Adjective bright gentle leisurely tall striped 1zqjjp'"(){}<x>:/1zqjjp;9
Definition This is a sailboat this is a boat A beautiful water transport. a boat with huge flags that move the boat with wind This is a sail boat. 1zqjjp'"(){}<x>:/1zqjjp;9
Example of Use I'm going to sail in my sailboat today. Let's take the sailboat out on saturday.. have you ever been sailing. We took the relaxing sailboat ride.. The sail boating is sailing quitely. We rode in the sail boat.. 1zqjjp'"(){}<x>:/1zqjjp;9