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📍 Round Pushpin Emoji

Noun lever Knob Pinpoint Joystick Point lollipop TURN Ignazio fdas Idk 😐 Idk 🍆 📍 Location Gotham City Lolipop
Verb to move pointing shift To be at a place to flip Destination Idk 😐 Lolipop
Adjective red round Large metal Location Marker Idk 😐 Lolipop
Definition This is a red lever. A round part in the end of a handle that is made to grasp. marks a specific point A device used to control video games years ago This is a point of destination. Red location mark that marks what belongs to you such as home or most commonly used on instagram for claiming what is so called yours Idk 😐 🕹 Lolipop
Example of Use I used the lever to turn it on.. I grabbed the knob to shut off the machine.. Jen pinpointed where she wanted to meet.. The old game required shifting with a large joystick. I'm right here at this point.. Mines❤️📍 Bae📍💗💍 Idk 😐 Person Lolipop Ex