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🤖 Robot Face Emoji

Noun robot Robocup Cleo ro-bot Rob'0t ( :P) Robot🀖🀖🀖🀖 tt Liberalism (new) herobrine dad Brax Stone
Verb to robot To poop Robo did a fruity fart To robotic malfunction Stiff I fell over cuz I was drunk Mechanical Hold em up shizzlefunker Feel terrible, but functional
Adjective robotic Ugly Farty Metal Ugly AF re Unconcious functional a guy in LA used a robot to kill people and steal their mone On autopilot
Definition This is a robot's face Ur mom The robot jumped for joy Everything the robotic robot malfunctioned The stiff metal rob'0t Uh duh r Lacking concious or independent thought. A robot invasion Feeling like a robot - running on autopilot, obeying orders or unable to understand another's emotions
Example of Use I was dancing with the robot all night! Crap Robo does fruity farts The robot is technoligic the robotic robot malfunctioned The stiff metal rob'0t clinked 🀖🀖🀖 re "Bernie, Bernie, Bernie..." It looks like a robot that finally turned good or maybe it is suprised Robotics team ad