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🍠 Roasted Sweet Potato Emoji

Noun sweet potato fruit yam potato Meat Doesn't look like potato Purple yam (stunt double for potato) Sam Wrinkley EGGPLANT IN DISGUISE Truble Eggplant? FUD The most beautiful thing Potatoe KEVIN your mom road clearly a Sweer Potato donald trump
Verb To eat to bake To meat Say it like potuto To replace To sam roll Discusting To eggplant Eat Eggplant selfie FUD To hit over the head with Vibes YAM kill Wbfwcwbfwbfwbfbafbafabfbafabfbafbafbwfbw run
Adjective yummy brown squishy sweet Meaty Hard roasted Rotton Eggplanty Gas producing GMO FID Round great YAM reddis ugly NBC thddbvdgbnnnm, Mnnbf
Definition this is a sweet potato This is a brown fruit. this is a yam This is a yam. This is a sweet potato. I love this meaty potato This purple yam serves as a replacement for what would be a potato emoji. Samyam Hungry So one time I was crying and my mom gave me a potuto Purple and yellow piece of poop🍠💩 Your yellow insides do not deceive us of your true identity as an eggplant 🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠for life your mom pour Thats actually a cheese-stuffed eggplant. gross
Example of Use the man sliced up a sweet potato to cook for dinner. The brown fruit is yellow on the inside.. I am trying to eat more vitamin k. He didn't like eating yams because they were too squishy.. I like to juggle with the yam which is meat Paige will drink vodka, because it's made out potatoes, but in this case, purple yams. im so 🍠, I didn't eat lunch This is a Rotton piece of food that has been put through the garbage disposal The eggplant in disguise was fooling nobody The roaste potato is yummy it is food and you can eat it This eggplant should not be left out longer than 2 hours before eating This is a yam 🍠 Kevin Yam=great vibes your mom me this roasted sweet potato is yucky