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🍘 Rice Cracker Emoji

Noun cookie Riceball ball rice cracker Bulldog Potatoes Afro A cookie saying a swere word cookie is cussing
Verb eat to eat to scoop To eat a rice cracker eating Crazy walk Say swere words
Adjective round delicious course A cracker that has a rice grainy Silly Black Brown In appropriate
Definition A cookie is a type of pastry. This is a rice ball. This is a course ball. A cracker that has rice a grainy cracker made of rice It means a potato with a burnt piece. It is a brown rice cracker.
Example of Use A cookie is eaten as a snack.. Rice balls contain white rice.. The course ball is rough, with a green spot.. I will eat a rice cracker today. Jane ate the rice cracker with cheese. The potato was black and it could walk, I was so emotional. It is a brown rice cracker.