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🎀 Ribbon Emoji

Noun bow Pink bow Me Bow, ribbon, thing Cute bow tie emoji ♥️ Ribbon
Verb to tie give tie Me putting it on Sitting bow
Adjective pink wrapped pretty decorative All me Cute, girly, precious Cute,girly,precious pink bow Finlly bow
Definition this is a bow Bring a present. to tie in a decorative way This is a pink bow. cheer This emoji means life I wear a bow every day This emoji means a girl being cute. This emoji mean a girl being cute a bow Red & big bow
Example of Use i put a bow in my hair today. The bridal shower will be next month.. I tied the ribbon into a bow. She tied a pink bow.. I like to tie a pink bow in my hair.. Hi I love JoJo siwa she inspired me to wear bows I like to tie a pink bow in my hair I like wearing bows on my head. OK, let’s tie you with this ribbon 🎀 ♥️🐽💩💋 The big red ribbon is sitting bow