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😌 Relieved Face Emoji

Noun Face nap happy face Relieved Human Humility Sarcastic face Dog person Aww Thankful Fart Chick Boy Woman 🙇🏽 tannu 🤗 Side eye sxxzssddssdejikiooollluoiyotuohmjiijjjuu calm Die 😌 Emoji when youve been crying for 5 hours strai 😌 JUNGKOOKS THICK THIGHS 😌😁
Verb contented sleep to be happy to smile relieving Smiling Sarcy Running To be dying inside but faking happiness emo Talking Getting head Cried shy enjoy Farting Hey tired soked shocked I'm bbgtbgec. Hi Hhnhhhhhhnnu🐱 calm when you wanna shout no im not okay but ion knooo Are
Adjective content sleepy happily peaceful relief Fluffy Sad but smiling Blushing Nice Tounge Coldy 😲😲😲 Releved Very ohh rileved calm 𝖒𝖊𝖔𝖜 ❀ mood mhmm C
Definition to be content Denoting rest or tiredness This is a happy face. this is a content face showing a sign of relief or worry free Sarcastic Happy You are feeling nice Fake smile A fake smile to show your just acting happy but dying inside You are sad but the person made you smile Self- glory I would put this emoji if I liked someone and they would help me, or if they would give me a compliment or if they were nice to me. Noting Relieved Soked Fake smil Hate njkjjjnm calm ion know how to explain stan bts😌 ad
Example of Use I am content.. Because I was so sleepy I took a nap. The boy is happy.. I am so glad it's almost the weekend. Jane felt relieved when she made the bus on time.. Like I care😌 The dog is a running fluffy happy puppy Even though she led me on I'm just fine😌 Person a: he broke up with me Person b: you still have me Person a:😌 This is a persons face when someone is talking and they start blushing because they like the other person When you find out all of your enimes are dead! Sed we are relieved Thank u so much Phew...😔 calm 😌DAME NA ME😌 you have been invited to pain Shake dat 😌 go jump off a cliff😌