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relieved face

😌 Relieved Face Emoji

Noun Face nap happy face Relieved Human Humility Sarcastic face Dog person Aww Thankful Fart Chick Boy Woman πŸ™‡πŸ½
Verb contented
Adjective content sleepy happily peaceful relief Fluffy Sad but smiling Blushing Nice Tounge Coldy 😲😲😲 Releved Very
Definition to be content Denoting rest or tiredness This is a happy face. this is a content face showing a sign of relief or worry free Sarcastic Happy You are feeling nice Fake smile A fake smile to show your just acting happy but dying inside You are sad but the person made you smile Self- glory I would put this emoji if I liked someone and they would help me, or if they would give me a compliment or if they were nice to me. Noting Relieved
Example of Use I am content.. Because I was so sleepy I took a nap. The boy is happy.. I am so glad it's almost the weekend. Jane felt relieved when she made the bus on time.. Like I care😌 The dog is a running fluffy happy puppy Even though she led me on I'm just fine😌 Person a: he broke up with me Person b: you still have me Person a:😌 This is a persons face when someone is talking and they start blushing because they like the other person When you find out all of your enimes are dead!