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🏮 Red Paper Lantern Emoji

Noun lamp Lantern Call 4 help Call 4 help. Thing
Verb to light To illuminate illuminating glows Lantern squad Ui -
Adjective brightly Lit lighting red glow U
Definition This is a lamp. This is a lantern. A hand held lamp red lantern A device that produces light, either electric or candle Beau brooks People can make MEGALADONS plz stop this chaos(P.S thank u) GGguabzbbzbsbzbzbzbzbBZbdbababBsbsbs It's made up of paper
Example of Use Turn on the lamp.. The lantern cast a small pool of dim light.. We put lanterns out on the porch at night.. The red lantern glows.. The lantern lit the patio with a cheerful glow. Lantern squad ( YouTube it ) car