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🍎 Red Apple Emoji

Noun Apple apply Red apple with a green leaf Banana Period Donkey o Person Poop Heyyyyyyyyyy 🍎 Rlduof ͜͡)( food
Verb to eat Eating shining . To hit a doctor with Poopy Dinesh Run Eat 🍎 Thrill Doffyiod red apple
Adjective Sweet apple Healthy fruit red Eatable Delicious Wormy Stuipb Dinesh kumar Slick Apple 🍎 Happy Rupak fill ͜͡)(͜͡)(͜͡)(͜͡)(
Definition An apple is a kind of fruit An apple is a fruit. A type of fruit grown on a tree with a core red apple Apple is a Fruit Apple of course It means busting a persons head open What does mean Nothing 🍎 Tooth nope red
Example of Use An apple a day, keeps a doctor away.. Eating an apple is good for your health.. The apple was juicy and delicious.. The red apple shines.. Eating apple is good for health. What does mean for dinesh Hi. 🍎🍎🍎🍎 🍎 Ygigsiigi run ͜͡)( away run