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🖐 Raised Hand With Fingers Splayed Emoji

Noun Hand Fingers tree STOP In a glove dd Stopping Hand Emoji Hand and fingers Uçurtma High Five Bye Felicia not a person Person Thing five Hello/Goodbye thirty-one Me Guy big head STOP.
Verb Holding still to grasp To Point to wave to stop talk show STOP hot To say hello To stop things? Wave To hold up your hand with the intention Hold Gross High five stopping To say hi Pause SMAKING Sleeping holding up hand
Adjective fingers strong Pointing firm five fingers serene angry STOP halt bony Somthing.. Rough Stop now The middke finger Five flat Regular A sign that tells you to stop Poop not kind Goodmoring hand
Definition An appendage attached to the wrist and arm used for carrying and grabbing things A part of the body that is used to grasp and hold things These are fingers This is a hand The hand is telling you to stop. talk to the hand Stop - Hand up Someone's mad cuz someone esls don't know when to hush In a glove It means i going to wave at someone. Nothing people would normally say Stop but if your lazy welcome to this thing Hi Stop before i arest you You hold your hand up and say "High five" and another person either slaps your hand with theirs or leaves you hanging (meaning not high fiveing you. Stop or pause Stop right there Someone waved at me! Emoji To say hi to someone Stop To stop Shut up and stop The dog fly this emoji is 31 in finger binary counting a smaking guuuuuuuy Hand Up
Example of Use I have a hard time opening and closing my hand.. Always fingers used to point directions. The hand is waved when the person sees a friend. I told the person to stop by holding up my right hand palm forward Im going to say hello. Person: i'm gonna call a stranger You; stopping emoji don't anything could happen person : fine sad emoji My hand can wave to show I'm saying hi but it is rough Jail Sign Stop Pause I have five fingers. Hello there✋🏻 Stop pepole are passing 😎😎😎😎😎 STOPP✋🏼 today is the 31st of the month he smaked me person 1: hey look its the scary man person 2: ✋