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🐇 Rabbit Emoji

Noun bunny rabbit Rabbit of death Fart h Albino Bunny bun, bunbun
Verb sitting To Watch Hopping rabbiting Hop Staring To run away h To be an animal lacking pigment being fluffy and cute
Adjective idle Watching To hop rabbit-like Furry Omen of disaster Smells it Creepy h Lacking pigment Black
Definition A bunny is a furry animal. This is rabit An animal that hops a rabbit: small animals A animal with long ears that hops. The rabbit of death is used to signal impending doom. Omg RUN An evil rabbit Hops Cuteeness cute albino bun
Example of Use The bunny is sitting patiently.. Rabit is very beautiful to watch. I saw a bunny hopping around today. The rabbit hops.. Look at the cute soft white rabbit.. I decided not to do my homework as I saw the rabbit of death. Rhxhfbxjdbdidhxj I be a albino bu ny Buns are cuter and funnier than ur overrated dogs & cats